Related Topics and Other Links

Publisher's Weekly
Bookwire is an excellent online resource by the publisher of Literary Marketplace.
U.S. Book Publishers is a comprehensive listing of book publishers.
Library of Congress contains copyright forms and other information. 

Several invaluable reference books and sites are listed below.

The King James Version of the Holy Bible
The Catholic Encyclopedia
Bulfinch's Mythology
The Arabian Nights
Infoplease contains almanacs, a dictionary, an encyclopedia, an atlas and tons of other info.
Dictionary and Thesaurus
Bartleby is a tremendous source of reference books and literature, from Bartlett's Famous Quotations to Shakespeare
to Strunk and White's The Elements of Style.
Concordances of the Holy Bible and other great books.
Screenwriting Links
World History Links
More World History Links
Art Masterpieces
Language Dictionaries for every language you could possibly need in this world.
Baby Names is good if you're looking for that unusual name for your character.
Dante's Inferno

Miscellaneous Links

Infospace is a wealth information.  Need a street map?  Trying to track down an old friend?  It's all here and more.
Dan Quayle's Stupid Quotes  And he wants to be the next president?
IQ Test if you dare to know!
Shakespearean Insult Generator  Need a good insult, get one from the master..